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02.10.2016 SHORTENED LONG DISTANCE Haanja Ski Stadium (57.723002, 27.048490)
01.10.2016 LONG DISTANCE Haanja Ski Stadium (57.723002, 27.048490)
30.09.2016 MODEL EVENT / TRAINING Haanja Ski Stadium (57.723002, 27.048490)

Official training on relevant terrain.

  • Time: 15:00-18:00
  • Information: open training for Suunto Games with 15 controls (with SI) in the forest. Map scales 1:10 000 and 1:15 000 available. Maps available with pre registration (trainings@woc2017.ee).
  • Cost: 7 EUR / map


Haanja village lies in Haanja uplands in Võru county, Southern Estonia. The highest peak in Estonia (and the Baltic states), Suur Munamägi, reaching 318 metres above sea level, is located in Haanja.

Embargoed area

Parts of the competition area are currently under embargo for WOC 2017. The area will remain embargoed until the competitions, and will then be open for training after the Suunto Games. The borders for the embargoed area for WOC 2017 will be adjusted after Suunto Games.

Classes and entries

Clcasses and categories for all ages:

MW8NR*, MW9NR*, MW10TR**, MW12TR**, MW12, MW14A, MW14B, MW16A, MW16B, MW18, MW20, MW21E, MW21A, MW21B, MW21C, MW35, MW40, MW45, MW50, MW55, MW60, MW65, MW70, MW75, MW80, MW85. Open courses (~3 km and ~6 km).

* marked course (markings from control to control)
** assisted course (markings lead to the vicinity of the control)
E - elite; A - technical; B - easy; C - beginners (very easy).

  Entry fee per day Entry fee per day Entry fee per day
Classes Until September 12 (incl.) Until September 26 (incl.) From September 27*
MW8-10 2 EUR 2 EUR 3 EUR
MW 12-18 3 EUR 4 EUR 6 EUR
MW20, MW60-85 5 EUR 7 EUR 10 EUR
MW21A, B, C - MW55 9 EUR 11 EUR 16 EUR
MW21 (WRE) 12 EUR 15 EUR 22 EUR
Open 3, Open 6 5 EUR 5 EUR 5 EUR

Entries through www.osport.ee and eventor.orienteering.org (WRE classes). There are two deadlines, September 12 and September 26. *Later entries only upon agreement with the Event Director.

Entry fees, SI-card rental fees and other fees must be paid to:

Account owner: MTÜ MM2017
Address: Näituse tn 22a-2, 50407 Tartu, Tartumaa
Bank: Swedbank, Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
IBAN: EE862200221059950032

Terrain and map

The highest part of Haanja uplands, around the village of Haanja. Hills alternate with marshes. Coniferous and mixed forests together with agricultural/rural landscape and recreational area (ski tracks). Runability from good to poor.

Punching system

SPORTident. SI-chips can be rented from the organizer for a fee of €1,5 per day. Rental fee must be paid upon registration together with the entry fee.


Winners of the sum of two days receive prizes from title sponsor SUUNTO. Prizes for the winners of the first day are awarded as well.


Competitions are held according to Estonian Orienteering Federation competition rules.

NB! World Ranking Events are held according to the competition rules of the International Orienteering Federation.


Official hotel for Suunto Games is Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa located 13 km from the competition centre. THE HOTEL IS FULL!

  • Hard floor accommodation in Haanja School (100 m from competition centre)

Hard floor in a gym with access to toilets and showers will be provided. Price 4 EUR/night per person. Information and bookings through kadriparts73@gmail.com or +372 526 7027.


  • Event Director: Markus Puusepp, markus.puusepp(a)woc2017.ee, +372 526 8279
  • Secretary (entries): Liisa Puusepp, sg2016(a)woc2017.ee
  • Accommodation (hard floor): Kadri Parts kadriparts73@gmail.com, +372 526 7027.
  • Accommodation (other): Erika Joonas erika.joonas@gmail.com


30.09. Model Event / training for Suunto Games in Haanja. Price for map 7 EUR. Please pre-register at trainings@woc2017.ee. 

Suunto Games is organized at the same time with WOC 2017 Training Camp 2 (September 29 - October 6). Trainings can be attended with pre-registration. See more at www.woc2017.ee/trainings/.



Suunto Games 2016 is organized at the same time with an official training camp for the 2017 World Orienteering Championships, meaning that a part of the world's elite orienteers will be participating in Suunto Games with their national teams. 


Registered media will be provided with electricity and wireless internet connection in the competition centre. 

Contact for media: media@woc2017.ee

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